Founded by 2 guys, both with the same name. 


One of the Lukes’ is known for his world-changing innovation in creating an international online wine company, a multi-million dollar operation that opened offices in the UK, US and Australia under his leadership, in an effort to support winemakers from all over the globe realise their dreams also.  Luke J’s ineffable character saw him build an army of loyal customers and a consumer base that transacted more than 25 million bottles of wine every year.


The other Luke, for over 11 years travelled the world as a Super Rugby Player, transformed club rugby through his innovative, logical and dedicated management abilities and created family amongst a community of athletes through his generous leadership. Luke H’s natural business flair and solid commercial acumen has provided ample opportunity to work for and learn from the best there is. With his logical ways of thinking coupled with his creative and innovative mind, Luke has created an enviable footprint for others to follow and an indelible impression on the current administrators of Rugby Australia.

Same name, different backgrounds but both huge lovers of ‘community’, poised and passionate to see others succeed.


They started SloCOACH as a way of connecting everyday athletes to their heroes; experts in their field who know how to give the right advice, teach game-changing techniques and skills so others can be at the top of their game. The ‘Lukes’ know how important it is to get the right advice when you’re training for something special, or even just wanting to improve. It can be the difference between first and second place or a position on the bench or on the field. 

That’s why they created SloCOACH.


It gives everyday people the opportunity to get personal and tailored advice direct from an expert coach and ultimately allows people to be the very best they can be.

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