Name: Ben Walker

Age: 14

Country: Australia

Username: WalkerMagic

Sport: Rugby Union

Favourite Team: Waratahs

Goal: Make the Rep team

Recruit Issue:

I need help with my tackling technique. Each time i try and make a tackle i get get bumped off.

Coach's Feedback:

Hi Ben, Thank you for getting in contact with us.


What's going wrong for you:

  • Tackle position is creating is passive tackle

  • Tackler is constantly having to dive 

  • Tackler is stepped regularly


What you need to focus on:

  • Ben, remember you need to be moving forward to dominate the contact

  • Ben your movement action needs to be fast, to take the attackers space.  Then slow and remain on your toes to be agile for the attackers movement, then fast when initiating the contact point.

  • ben, you need to remain upright and on your toes until the foot of your tackle shoulder is within 50cm circumference of the attacker 

  • Ben now drop your shoulder height upon contact, we are aiming to hit up the hip area. (think plane taking off)

  • Now squeezing your ear against the attacking while wrapping your arms aggressively around the playing and squeezing the attacker to you.

  • Drive your legs while landing on top of the tackle

Ben, make sure you send me through your completed tackle. We love seeing players achieve success of our coaching.

Luke Holmes


  • 5m by 5m square

  • Defender to start at one end - Attacker to start at the other end

  • Defender to pass attacker the ball to start the drill

  • Attacker to try and score between the far end cones 

  • Defender to use the above key actions to manipulate the

  • attacker into a position to dominate the tackle

  • Start with using a hard to push as the contact point then

  • move to full contact

  • Drill to feature live in coaches or recruits video box

Video Coaching

  • Check this footage of a dominant well-executed tackle. 

  • Focus on how the defender is executing the above steps.

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